What Burglars Look for During the Winter & Holiday Season

What Burglars Look for During the Winter & Holiday Season

What Burglars Look for During the Winter & Holiday Season 1500 1000 Avante Security Inc.

‘Tis the Season for Break Ins

November and December are known to be the most popular months of the year to travel as people are yearning for a dose of relaxation after a busy year. As a result, the coming months are also known for spikes in break-and-enters. Whether you’re a snowbird heading south for the winter or you are planning to take a family vacation, you should be aware of what burglars are looking-out for while you’re away.

Unoccupied Homes are Prime Targets

An empty home is a ripe opportunity for an intruder looking to burglarize a property, especially one that looks empty for days at a time. Experienced burglars are known for steaking-out their targets before taking action. They may take the time to look for certain patterns that would help them determine if a certain home is worth the risk, especially in affluent neighbourhoods with larger homes and higher property values.

What Burglars Look for When Scouting Homes

  1. Does the home have an alarm system?
  2. Are there security cameras on the exterior of the home?
  3. Are there any concealed access points that will be easy to break-in?
  4. Is there human activity on the property?
  5. Are there footprints in the snow?
  6. Are there lights turned on inside and outside the home?
  7. Is there mail piling up outside?
  8. Are there vehicle tracks on the driveway?

These are some of the questions that burglars will ask themselves when scouting a target. The answers to these questions are clear for our clients who opt into our Vacation Watch services: The home is always occupied, mail is always picked up, and a security sign in front of the home shows that it’s well protected with Avante Security.

With Avante, Someone is Always Home

Some believe the best way to deter crime during the winter and holiday season is to have a friend or neighbour check-in on your home every few days. In our experience, every few days is not sufficient. Instead of putting the responsibility on a neighbour, spend the extra cost of hiring professionals that you trust do it for you.

What is Vacation Watch?

While you’re away, our mobile Operatives will complete thorough interior and exterior patrols of your home and property every day. These checks are randomized so that potential burglars are unable to catch-on to a schedule. During these checks, the mobile Operatives on duty will collect mail, turn lights on and off, check for unlocked windows and doors, and check for any suspicious activity in the area. Platinum Executive clients have 14-days of Vacation Watch included in their security package, but we do offer a la carte Vacation Watch services to those who want customization.

Specific details help to make our job easier, keeping your home safe. We always ask that clients let us know if they are expecting any visitors, if they are letting anyone stay at the home or if they’ve hired contractors to do some work. Additionally, we encourage clients to leave a list of emergency contacts and preferred vendors in the case of an emergency.

Our goal is for you to enjoy your vacation and have peace of mind that your home is in safe hands while your away.

Vacation watch is just one of the many perks of being an Executive Client with Avante Security. If you are planning a vacation and are having doubts about your home security and well-being while you are away, talk to our experts today. We are always willing to walk you through our white-glove services, and conduct a complimentary risk assessment.

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