Vacation Watch Service: The Ultimate Peace of Mind for Vacationers

Vacation Watch Service: The Ultimate Peace of Mind for Vacationers

Vacation Watch Service: The Ultimate Peace of Mind for Vacationers 1500 952 Avante Security Inc.

Looking forward to your vacation? Burglars are too. Vacations are meant to be enjoyed, free of interruptions or thoughts in the back of your mind about the status of the precious home you left behind. An emergency situation like burglary is just one common scenario to consider before leaving on vacation.

Canadians are known to be adventurous and truly value traveling to distant destinations. According to a study published by the Financial Post, 65% of high-net-worth Canadians will take three or more vacations per year.

A flight to Bahamas is about three and a half hours, a flight to France is about 7 hours, and a flight to Hawaii is about ten hours… A break-and-enter can happen within minutes.

Since you took the time to plan your vacation, you should take the time to make arrangements for your home. Many homeowners are under the impression that having a friend or neighbour retrieve their mail every few days is sufficient during their care-free vacation. We’ve heard of many cases where homeowners rush to the airport and can’t remember if they locked their doors, or made sure all their windows were shut, or if they armed their alarm system. These are the most common vulnerabilities but other things that seasoned burglars will look out for include: mail piling up outside, no lights on for extended periods of time, snow-covered walkways and more. If there’s even the slightest risk that you could leave your home defenceless, you need our Executive Services which includes our Vacation Watch service.

Avante’s Vacation Watch Service Includes:

✓ Daily dedicated safety patrols of the interior and exterior of your home.

Avante Security Door lock

✓ Front door and side door locks are checked and secured.

✓ The front door is checked for twigs; this is a common trick that burglars use to see if the door has been opened. If the door hasn’t been opened in a few days, the home is most likely unoccupied — making it a prime target.

Avante Securtiy sign in neighbourhood.

✓ An interior safety check is conducted. Lights could be turned on or off depending on the time of day to give the appearance that someone is occupying the home.

Nest thermostats.

✓ The thermostat is checked and adjusted if needed.

Package in front of door

✓ Mail and parcels are picked-up and safely brought into your home, or collected and dropped off upon your return.

Avante Security guard working in Avante Security Control Centre

✓ Key-holder service in case of any emergency or to authorize and monitor approved access into your home on your behalf.

“Our qualified Operatives are trained to identify risks and provide real-time solutions. They’ll monitor your home in detail to alleviate any concern while you are away. Not only will they complete daily checks of the interior and exterior of your home, they will make it appear as if you’ve never left. We’ll even water your plants. “ – Shlomi Burshtein, Protective Services Senior Manager

Did you know that professional burglars will surveillance their next targets before they act; sometimes for weeks? Don’t allow them to take note of your daily routines. With our client’s permission, our Operatives will pick-up and securely store mail, retrieve garbage bins from the curb to place them inside your garage, and turn lights on and off to give the appearance that someone is home. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your vehicle in the driveway; this is an outdated tactic that could actually result in easy car-theft.

We strongly encourage our clients to make us aware of their whereabouts, even if they are only away for a few days at a time. Making us, your security provider, aware of your vacation dates helps the staff keep a closer eye on your property and assets. When our Operatives see notes about our client’s vacations, they naturally take special care to ensure the home is not left defenceless as an easy target. Since we’re known as the enhanced security providers within our communities, the presence of our marked cars parked outside our client’s homes on a daily basis adds an extra deterrent for burglars — as if you never left.

“Your staff looked after our house very well during our absence. The staff was great, newspapers were taken in, and lights rotated. This all created great peace of mind for our family” – Michael, Avante Executive Client

Most home insurance policies have stipulations that require the homeowner to make arrangements for someone to check-in on their home while they are away. There are often many conditions that most people wouldn’t think to consider so, our staff know to be cautious when providing advisory.

Executive Clients of Avante Security are allotted 14-days of complimentary Vacation Watch service, with the option to top-up as needed. Next time you book a family vacation, consider letting your trusted security partners watch over one of your most valuables assets while you’re away—your home. And, consider booking a round-trip luxury secure transport to the airport and back for ultimate safety, privacy and comfort.

“Avante has helped us beyond imagination when our house was flooded while we were in Africa. They took control of remediation and repair ensuring our home was perfect for our return” – Eric, Avante Executive Client

Security companies are built on trust and we know that the best form of trust comes from a dependable source like your family, friend or neighbour; this is why we have a rewards program for every referral. The more homes with an Avante lawn sign in your community, the more patrol vehicles that will be in your area. Just our presence alone helps to deter crime.

Refer a friend, family member or neighbour to Avante, and receive up to $500 towards your own services. Simply have them mention your name when they contact us or introduce us over email!

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