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Toronto Police No Longer Responding to Alarms

Toronto Police No Longer Responding to Alarms

Toronto Police No Longer Responding to Alarms 1900 728 Avante Security Inc.

On September 10th 2018, the Toronto Police officially announced the new provision of services and verifications required to respond to Home Alarms.

According to Wendy Drummond, Alarm Response Coordinator for the Toronto Police, “if there is no evidence…we will no longer respond”. A study was conducted that determined 97% of alarm calls were false. The Toronto Police’s mandate to reduce routine alarm activation calls from impacting the 911 system is the main cause of this new policy. Due to the rise in crime rates, the Toronto Police Service’s modernization plan, called The Way Forward, intends to optimize the use of their services.

“Police were essentially subsidizing a private business model: ‘alarm goes, we call police now,’ ” he said. “Toronto homeowners need to be aware, because it means, and rightly so, that alarm companies will need to provide their own people to attend an alarm.”Source:Toronto Star 

What does this mean for you?

Most people expect to hear Police sirens if their burglar alarm goes off. But this is not the case for Torontonians anymore unless someone proves that it is not a false alarm. Toronto Police will no longer respond to burglar alarms unless they get a confirmation of criminal activity or a threat to personal safety. The drastic policy update prompts alarm users to contact their security providers to discuss an action plan for all possible response options.

Dedicated Response Service

If you don’t have a dedicated response service – your security system and protocols may be insufficient.  Coupling your security system with a mobile response unit can help keep your property safe at all times. Ensure that your home and business is under the protection of security professionals whose top priority is your safety.

Avante Security offers a variety of enhanced services that ensure client satisfaction and peace of mind.  Our staff are expected to learn about our clients and their lifestyles to understand their security needs, points of vulnerability and to better identify suspicious activity on their property. Avante’s use of advanced technology allows for secure and real-time delivery of distress and alarm signals directly to Avante’s 24/7 control centre. A response to every alarm, whether verified or not, is just one example of how our staff provides superior service. Avante’s residential Rapid Alarm Response ensures that highly trained operatives arrive in an unrivaled 6-minutes or less (on average).  We are able to achieve this because we have security vehicles patrolling our client’s properties and neighbourhoods 24/7. All of our cars are driven by licensed security operatives trained in CPR, First Aid, and baton and handcuffs.  To find out if you are in our rapid response zones, get in contact with us here.

Rapid Response Patrol Car for Security Services Toronto

Avante Security Patrol Cars

As the Toronto Police continue to serve and protect the community, the concerns of the city’s residents are at an all-time high.  Local and International news suggests that crime rates are rising in Toronto but the only clear resolve for personal safety is to take as many precautions as possible.

6 Minute Alarm Response

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