Top 5 Cottage Security Tips for Spring and Summer

Top 5 Cottage Security Tips for Spring and Summer

Top 5 Cottage Security Tips for Spring and Summer 5760 3840 Avante Security Inc.

Spring and Summertime in Toronto is exciting; with events, cottages and vacations that’ll keep you busy and out of the house, it can be easy to overlook your home security. Warmer temperatures often prompt burglars to act since there are fewer obstacles and more opportunities for unoccupied homes. While you might be planning to get away from it all, burglars could be getting ready to get to work.

There are many things you can do to keep your home safe this season, even if you are not planning to travel. Here are our Top 5 Security Tips to keep your home and family safe in the warm seasons:

1. Designate Someone Trustworthy to Check-in on Your Home While You are Away

The worst thing that you could do is pack your bags and head to your destination without arranging for someone to check on your home while you are away. For longer vacations, most home insurance policies require a person to enter your home to check on major appliances in the event of a flood and other liabilities.

Someone trustworthy could be a close neighbour, friend, family member or your dedicated security provider. Even if you don’t ask a neighbour to check in, it’s still best to notify them of your departure in the case that suspicious activity takes place on your property. A basic alarm system will not deter a burglar with motive. In most cases, professional thieves know that they have several minutes to find valuables and escape without being caught, even after an alarm is triggered. Avante offers Vacation Watch Services that go beyond the call of duty; our staff will even collect your mail, patrol your property to check for suspicious activity and much more as well as Rapid Alarm Response in the event that an alarm is triggered.

2. Use Lighting to Give the Appearance of An Occupied Home

Many homeowners will keep a light on, close to the front of their property, to give the impression that they are still around. This tactic may have worked in the past, but these days, experienced burglars may take note that the light has been kept on for multiple days. You may want to consider adding smart lights to your home; this will allow you to automate your lighting and control it remotely.  Smart Home Automation can also allow you to view your cameras, control your thermostat and even your TV. An occupied home is not a viable target for burglars.

3. Be Aware of Construction in and Around Your Community

Torontonians often describe seasons to be either “winter” or “construction” so, it’s no surprise that construction season will ramp-up as temperatures continue to get warmer. Even with an alarm trigger, burglars will break and enter within minutes and successfully locate enough valuables to make the theft worth their efforts. As for roadwork, reduced traffic lanes or closed roads can cause a delay in the police’s response (if the alarm is verified) but don’t worry — our Operatives are always on top of the latest traffic news to ensure the fastest routes to respond to your calls within 6 minutes or less on average.

4. Do Not Neglect Your Cottage as An Extension of Your Home

Cottage country is perceived to be safe haven compared to the city. While burglars may not be top of mind, it is still a “what-if”. Cottages should be equipped with an alarm system, cameras and a response plan for the event that an alarm is triggered. If it’s not a burglar, it could be a storm or a flood. Check out our new cottage services that range from security all the way to year-round property management. Schedule a complimentary cottage security evaluation with our experts today.

5. Do Not Leave Ladders or Other Tall Objects Outside

It has become more common for burglars to break-in through a second story window or juliet balcony leading to the second floor. If you have contractors working on your home or a neighbouring home, make sure that they do not leave ladders or any other equipment out that could be used to access the second story of your home. If you do not yet have your second floor secured with sensors and detectors, we recommend adding them immediately. Get in touch with us for a quote or to conduct a complimentary home security risk assessment.

No matter how you plan to spend your vacation in cottage country, we have many solutions and services that will allow you to enjoy the season. We can cater to your every need. It’s our job to analyse potential risks — our clients are worry-free all-year long.

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