Top 5 Benefits of Rapid Response From A Reliable Security Company

Top 5 Benefits of Rapid Response From A Reliable Security Company

Top 5 Benefits of Rapid Response From A Reliable Security Company 800 1200 Avante Security Inc.

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According to statistics, crimes in Canada have declined with the 2020 crime rate at 30% lower than the peak levels in 2003. Despite these positive stats, it is still crucial to be aware of how to ensure the safety of your family or business team. Hiring a rapid response security company is essential in keeping safety and security issues at bay.

The security of your family, home, or business is a top priority. However, the thought of installing, arming, disarming, and paying monthly fees can be overwhelming. So is hiring a rapid response security company worth it?

Hiring a rapid response security team in Toronto, Canada can provide you, your family, or your business team with various benefits. Remember, the most effective alarm system can quickly notify emergency responders.

What Is Rapid Response?

Are you familiar with the term “golden hour”? 

In policing, the concept of the golden hour is the amount of time it takes to respond when a crime is being committed. Immediate action taken during the golden hour gives officers the best possible outcome in managing a situation.

Rapid response service aims to work within that window of opportunity. A rapid response team will ensure that there is an immediate response and solution the moment an incident is detected. This will enhance the overall security of a home or business. 

That said, a 6-minute response can make a huge difference. A reliable security company will have multiple patrol vehicles on the road, 24/7 so their response team can never be more than 6 minutes away.

5 Benefits of a Rapid Response Security Company

Deters Crime

According to a Rutgers Study in 2009, the installation of alarm systems is linked to burglary reduction. The study also concluded that neighborhoods with densely installed alarm systems have fewer crime incidents than neighborhoods with fewer alarm systems in place.

Aside from deterring crimes, rapid response security systems will ensure immediate action. A security company like Avante ensures immediate response to every alarm, no matter what, within 6 minutes or less.

Peace of Mind 

Rapid response security empowers faster and more effective emergency response. The moment an emergency alarm is received, a security vehicle and operative will be dispatched.

The sense of security and peace of mind you get knowing that a rapid response team is minutes away in case an incident happens is one of the best benefits of all. Next to being safe, the assurance that assistance is within reach will help you be more focused, productive, and healthy.

Make a Life-Saving Difference

Not all threats involve burglary, break-ins, or other forms of crime. Fire and earthquakes are also emergency situations where rapid response security can assist. A quick response can make a life-saving difference.

Professional security teams are trained and prepared to handle such situations. This ensures that you, your family, or your business team are as safe as possible. A holistic security system can provide you with motion detectors, glass break detectors, smoke, fire, gas, and flood detectors, as well as 24/7 monitoring.

Lower Homeowner’s Insurance

Home rapid response security systems can give you peace of mind. But did you know that installing alarm systems can also lower your insurance premium?

There are insurance companies in Toronto, Canada, that offer discounts for security systems that are monitored by a third party. The security company will install and maintain the alarm system as well as monitor the home or business. The type of security discount offered may vary depending on the insurance provider.

On-Site Security Patrol At A Lesser Cost

Getting rapid response security is like hiring an on-site security patrol for guarding your property or business but with less cost to you.

Let’s face it, hiring 24/7 multiple patrols can be costly. Thankfully, a rapid response security company in Toronto, Canada is available at all times to answer any emergency. The moment they receive an alarm signal, the security company, like Avante Control Centre, will immediately dispatch the mobile security operative to your place.


Avante Security SUV Rapid Response

Security Company Protocols: Who Responds to Your Alarm?

Effective September 2018, Toronto Police will not respond to home alarms unless they are verified. This means you’ll need to provide audio, video, or multiple zone applications before receiving help.

That’s when getting a rapid response becomes crucial.

Rapid response service ensures your safety as well as the safety of your family or your business team. But how does a security company, like Avante Security, ensure immediate emergency response?

When there is an alarm or emergency signal, they will immediately dispatch a marked security vehicle and Operative. They will arrive within 6 minutes or less on average. Within this golden time, the security team will reach out to the client within a minute or so.

All Avante Operatives are licensed security professionals. They are trained, prepared, and are First Aid and CPR certified. Best of all, they follow a series of protocols to ensure that the proper execution of human rights is followed. 

Avante Security operative accessing computer in Avante control centre


Emergency situations wait for no one. Immediate response is crucial in ensuring the safety and security of everyone in your home or business. Thankfully, you can hire rapid response security teams who are well-trained professionals and will respond to any kind of emergency situation. 

Avante Executive Security Operatives will immediately respond to triggered alarms. Rest assured that Avante Security treats every alarm as a threat until proven false. Inquire about their 6-minute response for free today.

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