Halloween is one of the holidays that gets us out of the house and onto the streets. As fun as it is to walk the sidewalks of our neighbourhoods in costumes, surrounded by all kinds of characters, it’s even more important to remain safe—both on the streets and at home. With all things fun, comes some safety risks. As we celebrate Halloween enthusiastically, we need to remember that safety should be a priority for all ages. It is important for parents and children to establish guidelines to keep it fun and memorable, but most of all safe.

Have fun and stay safe this Halloween with our top 3 security tips:

1. Keep your home well-lit

Give the appearance of an occupied home at all times, especially on Halloween night. Even if you are out trick-or-treating or decide to stay home but are not handing out candy, leave the lights on (or have motion-activated lights), make sure all pathways are clear, and security cameras are visible and unobstructed. This will deter any criminals from taking advantage of your home on bustling Halloween night.

2. Review our street proofing tips with your children

Before your family hits the streets for trick-or-treating, be sure to review the simple and effective street proofing safety tips:

  • Do not walk the streets alone.
  • Do not approach strangers or strange vehicles.
  • Avoid walking through parks or other areas that are not well lit at night.
  • Learn to spot the signs of suspicious behaviour.
  • Do not enter any homes and avoid homes that have no outdoor lighting.
  • Stay on the sidewalks and only cross the street at corners.
  • In addition, try to add some reflective materials to your children’s costumes so they can be seen in the dark by vehicles. You can even give them a small flashlight to use just in case.

For more details about street proofing, check out this video that our founder and Executive Security Operatives put together.

3. Wait until you are home to eat your candy

Some children may not like this tip, but it is very important to be aware of the candy and treats that you are eating. Do not eat any candy that is not wrapped or sealed and make sure that the treats are labeled with ingredients and allergens. Avoid any suspicious treats as you can never know what could be inside. Inspecting your children’s candy before they do is always best.

As always, our mobile security team will be out in the streets patrolling homes and neighbourhoods to ensure the safety of our community. If you see an Avante car drive by, give us a wave! Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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