Tips to Celebrate Halloween Safely

Tips to Celebrate Halloween Safely

Tips to Celebrate Halloween Safely 1700 940 Avante Security Inc.

How To Stay Safe During Halloween

Halloween is a time to celebrate the end of the summer harvest and the beginning of winter by dressing in costume, eating candy and enjoying festivities with friends and family. Although Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, we start to see décor with pumpkins, skulls and ghosts come out at the beginning of the month to encourage enthusiasm for the eerie season ahead. This year has presented many challenges that have limited our ability to carry on our routines and traditions but that doesn’t mean we have to pass on everything fun. Many of us look forward to participating in Halloween activities each year but some prefer to be more lowkey by simply handing-out candy to children that knock on their doors. No matter how you plan to celebrate, it is important to know how to be safe and understand the risks that are associated with Halloween.

Some homeowners attempt to improve their spooky decor each year to impress their neighbours through unofficial haunted house contests. Our Operatives have seen some of the most elaborate Halloween home displays and they appreciate how the creative designs alter the scenery because it actually makes their patrols more engaging. Even though transforming your home into a spooky haunted house and celebrating with your immediate family seems like the safest way to celebrate this year, most people are unaware of how the décor could interfere with their security.

Security Tips for Halloween Home Decor

  1. Do not block your surveillance camera’s field of view. Test your cameras periodically to ensure they are not blocked or tampered.
  2. Avoid placing items on the ground that people could trip over and do not use transparent string on your lawn.
  3. When hanging lights or items with power cords, avoid stapling or nailing cords as this can puncture the cord. Instead, use plastic clips made specifically for this purpose.
  4. Do not hang lights or other items close to powerlines or other wires.
  5. Do not overload circuits.

Despite more people working from home and children going to school virtually, there have been attempted break-ins across the Greater Toronto Area. You would think that thieves would not risk breaking-in while people are at asleep, but professionals can often get what they want undetected with skill and a lot of surveillance. We are not suggesting that you should be fearful of burglary, we simply suggest that you remember to arm your security alarm before going to bed and maintain an updated emergency plan that includes our response. During the pandemic, locally, the amount of people that have been caught driving 50km/h over the speed limit has increased by 60%, so it is vital that you stay alert when driving and try to wear reflective items when walking at night.

In case you were not able to watch the video above, we’ve also outlined our tips below.

“Trick or Treat” Tips

  1. Don’t use a costume mask as a substitute for a cloth mask.
  2. Don’t layer a cloth mask under a costume mask – this is hazardous.
  3. Use gloves and/or tongs to distribute candy.
  4. Don’t leave a bowl of candy outside your door.
  5. Don’t allow your kids to reach into candy bowls.

Although Ontario health officials are recommending against trick or treating, we understand that some may still consider taking their kids out.

If you choose to Trick-or-Treat please do so safely….

  1. Consider reducing the number of homes to visit.
  2. Do not approach large groups of people, practice social distancing.
  3. Only accept pre-packaged candy.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly when you get home.

Staying home has taken a toll on us in many ways and we have seen news headlines where people have been reacting poorly in public. Boredom, frustration, desperation and depression are common feelings in our communities, and we need to do our best to be mindful and cautious in public settings. Time can only tell how much longer we will have to live in these conditions, so we need to remain informed and take necessary precautions to mitigate risks. This time of year is associated with having higher crime rates but the cause is unknown since there are many factors to consider. Some people believe the increase in crime is attributed to shortened daylight and seasonal influence, but we believe your home requires the same amount of care and security throughout the year. Although we are not able to gather in person this time, there are many fun and safe activities that you can do to keep the spirit alive—and remember, our mobile Operatives will be on high alert as they conduct their patrols to keep our communities safe. Happy Halloween.

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