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How the Wealthy Ensure the Security of their Families and Homes

How the Wealthy Ensure the Security of their Families and Homes 1300 1300 Avante Security Inc.

How the Wealthy Ensure the Security of their Families and Homes

The Globe and Mail – Chris Atchison

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The Globe and Mail reached out to one of our Sales Executives, Chris Webb, for a special article that discusses the security requirements for affluent home owners. Chris Webb gave his views based on his expertise in providing advanced solutions to some of the most well known business leaders in Toronto. He provides insight into some of the requests that Avante Security fulfils for their clients and how the team responds to their evolving needs.

“They’re away a lot and need the comfort of knowing their family is protected from targeted crime.” — Chris Webb, Avante Sales Executive

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Referrals and Rewards

Security companies are built on trust and we know that the best form of trust comes from a dependable source like your family, friend or neighbour; this is why we have a rewards program for every referral. The more homes with an Avante lawn sign in your community, the more patrol vehicles that will be in your area. Just our presence alone helps to deter crime.

Refer a friend, family member or neighbour to Avante, and receive up to $1,000 towards your own services. Simply have them mention your name when they contact us or introduce us over email!

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