The Evolution of Peace of Mind

Written by Mike Spry - Invidiata Winter Magazine

The Evolution of Peace of Mind

The Evolution of Peace of Mind 4197 2744 Avante Security Inc.

Canadians enjoy the luxury of our manner, and the literal cold comfort of frozen pond postcards and warmed content of lakeside summers. Even our urban centers remain idyllic and idealized, a utopia distanced from contemporary chaos. We’re fortunate in our tempered landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes. But does that postcard life promote a bubbled reality? There were 1,191,089 criminal property violations in 2017. Or that in Toronto—Toronto the Good, the cultural and spiritual center of Canada’s comfort—there were 127,170 such crimes, representing nearly ten percent of the country’s total.

As a populace, we could not possibly have conceived the advance and evolution of security needs and systems—nor the cultural, technological, and socioeconomic transformation of the society that demands it. Protection is born out of a specific need—for a neighborhood, for a time, for a family. Security companies understand that each home, each family, each property is different, and so too are their security needs. Avante Security understands their clientele like no other protection outfit, catering to an elite community who’s accomplishments demand special and specific attention.

As our families, lives, and careers evolve, so too do our security needs. Luxury comes at a cost. Not simply the inherent investment of time and money, but the need to protect that luxury—at all costs. “Beware of Dog” posts and alarm company stickers are anarchic markers of time. Even the subscription alarm systems with direct contact to local constabularies are dated and don’t appeal nor apply to the demands of a more accomplished life and lifestyle in the internet age. Digital and smart technologies have borne the need and advantage of unparalleled security features—aspects of Avante Security’s unique and specialized systems.

Avante is completely in sync and in-the-know with municipal, provincial, and national crime trends and police policy. Many Canadian police forces, including the Toronto Police Service, are implementing a “verified response” approach to combatting crime and budgets. Avante is restricted by no such policy— or belief—and respond to every alarm without verification, reacting to and trusting their systems and your safety. Avante’s estimable, esteemed, and envy of-the-industry 6-Minute Rapid Response, combined with daily neighborhood patrols for their clients (including attention to detail like bringing in their garbage bins from the curb, picking up mail, ensuring doors and cars are locked) are part of an elite safety approach that subscribes to the credo: Safer homes start with safer neighborhoods.

Just as the best contemporary medical practitioners treat the whole patient, Avante treats the whole client, the whole home, the whole family, abode, business. Your whole life. Your health is an integral part of your safety and within that core belief Avante patrol vehicles are equipped with defibrillators and each team member is expertly certified in CPR, First Aid, in addition to their peerless law enforcement training, which boasts a four-pronged approach to your security needs: Protective services; electronic security and automation; investigation and intelligence; and monitoring and managed services. With “cutting-edge technology, Avante is able to provide a wide range of products and services to protect what matters to you.” Avante believes that security must go beyond fences and forcefield, but into the human aspect of our lives. Who, and what has access to our most cherished entities and sanctuaries must be considered when developing a tailored and individual security plan. Avante offers not just singular security, but “layers of protection” and trust that “the ideal system design is to integrate the most advanced technology with the most well-trained security personnel.” Technology and humanity married for your security.

For over twenty years, Avante has been providing peerless comfort and peace of mind to clients of unique demands and dominion—“an all-encompassing security strategy that minimizes threats while catering to your specific needs and lifestyle.” Their twenty-four seven, solution-based security approach has been praised by families and cited in Toronto Life, The Globe & Mail and on Global News. Wherever your life has arrived, Avante is equipped and experienced in protecting the evolution of your accomplishments. Avante is the preeminent security provider for high-end neighborhoods and clients in Toronto—with operations opening in December in Oakville. Avante cares deeply, professionally, and passionately about communities—communities they provide not just with security, but with peace of mind.

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