Spring Tips for Peace of Mind

Spring Tips for Peace of Mind

Spring Tips for Peace of Mind 1800 1177 Avante Security Inc.

Spring is finally here and after a long winter, your home could use some maintenance. When you take care of your home, you’re kept aware of the safety deficiencies that arise with destructive weather conditions. Consider the demand of each required service in your community and try to schedule the work to be completed ahead of your neighbours. A general rule of thumb is to start with the tasks that must be completed by a licensed professional, especially if the result of the incomplete task could cause a safety concern.

Regardless of having insurance, the onus is on the home owner to prevent burglary and property damage. The most common insurance claim for the spring season is water damage that may be caused as a result of the harsh winter, or the influx of rain during spring. Follow our top 10 tips to ensure your home is safe and secure this spring season.

1. Clean surveillance cameras to have a clear view.

2. Service your AC unit.

3. Replace HVAC filters.

4. Remove debris and broken branches from gutters, drains, and walkways.

5. Replace old batteries in smoke detectors.

6. Check and replace exterior light bulbs if needed.

7. Check your exterior foundation, windows and doors and test for cracks or signs of distress.

8. Check that fences and gates are stable and secure.

9. Ensure that your alarm system is tested and functioning.

Please call us in advance to put your system on test mode.

10. Make sure your security lawn sign is upright and visible.

Our mobile team will look out for any signs that require replacing and will do this complimentary for you.

As you plan your getaways for the upcoming months, please remember to notify us of the dates that you will be away and if you require Vacation Watch services, including picking up your mail, extra vigilant exterior patrols, as well as interior patrols upon request. This service is exclusive to Executive Clients.

Planning to be at your cottage for most of the summer? We are too. Avante Security Muskoka offers both security and property management services to help you get ready for this year’s cottage season. Get in touch with us to learn more about our cottage country services. More information about Muskoka services will be circulated shortly.

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