Series of Crime and Attempted Car Theft

Series of Crime and Attempted Car Theft

Series of Crime and Attempted Car Theft 5730 3820 Avante Security Inc.

Break and Enters

Between December 1st-3rd, we received 3 confirmed break-ins; 2 in North York, and 1 by the South End of Forest Hill. In addition, there were 2 attempted break-ins. This series of events was a rare occurrence, but with our Rapid Response team, we were able to arrive on-site within minutes and verify the evidence for the Toronto Police who were dispatched immediately.

One of the attempted break-ins was prevented due to our video analytic software that enabled us to respond to the residence in 1 minute. The other was thanks to our client that saw the intruder on their cameras and proactively notified our ACC (Avante Control Centre).

Car Theft Suspect Arrested

In addition, one of our executive security operatives was able to force a situation that resulted in the arrest of an individual checking cars on driveways. Our ESO noticed an individual checking vehicles east of Cluny Dr. in Toronto. He made contact with a police officer and Toronto Police Services placed the individual under arrest for possession of stolen goods.

Due to the rise in relay car thefts, we encourage you to think twice about where you are keeping your car keys within your home. Please read our security tips on preventing relay car theft here.

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