‘Tis the Season for Break-Ins

‘Tis the Season for Break-Ins

‘Tis the Season for Break-Ins 6000 4000 Avante Security Inc.

While you may be looking forward to the holidays and a relaxing vacation away from home, criminals are looking forward to empty homes in affluent neighbourhoods as opportunities for break-ins. Think of the infamous holiday movie “Home Alone” as an extreme example; after being left behind from a family vacation, little Kevin took it upon himself to come up with creative ways to make his home seem occupied to deter the nasty burglars trying to get their hands on his family’s assets. Criminals do not take holidays, and your home security shouldn’t either.

1. Arrange for Check-Ins on Your Home

The best tip to keep your home safe while on vacation is to make it look like you are not on vacation. Arrange for someone to check in on your home at random times throughout your vacation. It’s also common for Home Insurance policies to require someone to physically visit your home while you are away to check that all monitoring devices and home functions are operating.

“… We cover damage caused by water (they then go on to define what water damage is), but we do not insure loss or damage caused by freezing during the usual heating season, of any part of a plumbing, heating, or air conditioning system or “domestic water container” within a heated portion of your “dwelling” if you have been away for more than four (4) consecutive days…” Source: CSIB.Org

If you are an Avante Executive Client, make sure to notify our team about your vacation dates. Vacation Watch may be included in your security package which could involve exterior and interior patrols, testing the plumbing, turning lights on and off, checking your thermostat, and bringing in your mail.

2. Conduct a Home Security Audit Before Leaving

Put yourself in a burglar’s shoes by walking around your home to identify weak points with fresh eyes. Are all of your doors and windows locked? Are all of your security camera lenses clean and unobstructed?  Are your monitoring devices fully charged? Are your vehicles and their keys concealed properly? If you’re unable to use your discretion to identify these potential risks, get in touch with us for a home security evaluation.

3. Keep the Outside of Your Home Lit

Automating lights outside your home to turn on and off is a very simple way to keep intruders off your property. Not only do they make it seem like your home is occupied, but they also help to deter burglars since lights do not offer a concealed environment for burglars to take action.

4. Do Not Share Your Holiday Plans Online

We know that vacations are exciting, but announcing your getaway plans online puts your home at risk. There have been incidents where it was proven that thieves were using social media to determine when their targets would be away for extended periods. Do not geotag any photos while you are away; try to wait until you return from vacation to post updates of your whereabouts.

5. Document Your Valuables in Detail – Just in Case

In the case that your home does become a victim to burglary, you will want to have a list of your most valuable processions: electronics, jewellery, antiques and other big-ticket items that someone might be inclined to steal. Photos of each item is great to have as well, in the case that you need to provide documentation for insurance purposes.

6. Secure and Private Airport Transportation

Using a public means of transport i.e. Uber or generic Limousine Services to the airport, may not be the most secure option when taking off on a vacation. You do not want strangers knowing where you live, and that you are leaving your home unattended for an extended period of time. Trust your security providers to give you a ride. Avante Security offers this service with a fleet of luxury vehicles. This way, the privacy of your vacation stays “within the family”.

You can never take too many precautions when it comes to keeping your home and assets safe during the holiday season. We operate 24/7, even throughout the holidays. If you are interested in having your security system evaluated and quoted, get in touch with our team of experts today. We are always welcoming new clients who are looking to install systems or enhance their current ones.

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