The Avante 6 Minute Rapid Response

The Avante 6 Minute Rapid Response

The Avante 6 Minute Rapid Response 1024 683 Avante Security Inc.

When Avante was first founded in 1996, it was quickly recognized that in order to provide the highest level of protection and service to our clients, we needed to develop a rapid response service to ensure the safety of our clients and their families.

The main purpose of an alarm system is not only to deter burglars but more importantly, it is to generate an immediate response. When there is an alarm or an emergency, every second can feel like an eternity. That is why we respond to every alarm, no matter what, within 6 minutes or less on average.

What is Avante’s Rapid Response?

When we receive an alarm signal, we immediately dispatch an Avante marked security vehicle and Operative to arrive within 6 minutes or less on average.  Within the response time, a phone call to the client is made within a minute or so. We do not wait for validation of the alarm, we treat every alarm as a threat until proven false. This is the Avante difference; we genuinely care about the safety and peace of mind of our clients.


How does Avante guarantee a 6 Minute Response time?

We are able to achieve this response time due to having multiple patrol vehicles on the road 24/7 within specific zones. By focusing on specific neighbourhoods, our response teams are never more than 6 minutes away from your home, on average. The moment we receive an alarm signal, the Avante Control Centre dispatches the mobile Operative closest to your home.


Rapid Response Car

Who is Responding to my Alarm?

Avante Executive Security Operatives, whom our clients have come to recognize and trust, are the ones responding to triggered alarms. They are the ones who are familiar with our clients’ homes, security systems, and protocols. All of our operatives are licensed security professionals as well as First Aid and CPR certified, and trained to handle any kind of emergency situation; they are even equipped with batons and handcuffs. They follow a series of protocols to ensure accurate execution and professionalism.


Will the Police Respond to My Alarm?

Effective September 2018, Toronto Police will no longer respond to home alarms unless verifiedThis means that unless an alarm is verified with audio, video, or multiple zone activations, Police will not respond. Whether this policy came into effect or not, it remains unclear how long it will take police to respond to an alarm since it is dependant on the nature of the situation and where the police are in relation to your home.


Do I qualify for Avante’s 6 Minute Response?

Our Rapid Response service can work in tandem with a pre-existing alarm system. In order to guarantee our average response time of 6 minutes, residents must be located within our dedicated zones. These zones are strategically outlined to assure we are always just minutes away. Neighbourhoods in the GTA like Forest Hill, Bridle Path, and Rosedale are within our zones, as well as South East Oakville.

6 Minute Alarm Response

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