Perimeter Protection with Video Analytics

Perimeter Protection with Video Analytics

Perimeter Protection with Video Analytics 1700 1025 Avante Security Inc.

When it comes to video surveillance, most people consider it as a function for commercial properties or retail stores to protect their property and assets from theft. Today, surveillance systems are being used more and more for residential use; helping to keep their home, property, assets, and family well-protected. Basic surveillance systems that are used to monitor dedicated areas usually capture footage for a pre-determined length of time and the footage is only reviewed for a particular reason. But what happens if incidents occur without being noticed and what happens if they continue to go unnoticed?

Homeowners are starting to implement security trends that rely on the internet of things, “IoT”, and artificial intelligence. Homeowners with security systems are starting to understand the value of having accessible security footage that can be saved and shared with the Police. Since the Toronto Police are no longer responding to home alarms without specific verification, having the ability to send real-time video footage from a mobile device is crucial to get a prompt response in the event of a break-and-enter. Other than video footage, the appropriate forms of verification also include: audio proof, an eye witness (i.e. private security or person at the scene) or multiple zone activation.

Despite what some may believe, burglar’s act according to detailed planning and often do a lot of research about their targets to avoid getting caught. In many cases, burglars are able to break-in without setting off multiple zones; quick enough to get away successfully. But what if we told you that we’ve identified a solution that will detect a trespasser before they are able to break-in?

Intelligent Perimeter Protection Enabled by Video Analytics

Surveillance systems have evolved along with technological advances: camera clarity, recording durations, depth of field, and design; but their utility is most valuable when linked with artificial intelligence and human action. We have tailored comprehensive security systems to work in parallel with video analytics software that uses artificial intelligence to gather high-level data to determine unusual behaviour. When unusual behaviour is identified, a signal is sent directly to our in-house control centre (“ACC”) to prompt a quick action from our staff. Our clients that have opted into our Executive Services will have our mobile Operative arrive at their home within 6 minutes on average or less to inspect the scene and ensure the resident’s safety.

Perimeter Protection set-up requires a depth of knowledge. Our security experts must conduct a complete assessment of your property to identify where surveillance cameras should be mounted in order to get a full view of the vulnerable areas.  There are specialized techniques that help determine how many cameras should be set-up, where they should be set-up and what enhancements are required for networking based on the size of the home and property. Once our team determines where the cameras should be placed; motion sensors, glass-break detectors and other devises are added to complete the system. Also, keep in mind, the more cameras that are placed, the more details that are detected across your property — all measured by patten-based algorithms that define the differences between animal movements, human activity and even branches blowing in the wind.

Clients with Video Analytics Have the Fastest Alarm Response Times

No matter how much money you’ve spent on home alarm monitoring over the years, the monthly fees that’ve accumulated simply can’t give you assurance that your security system is effective to prevent against a break-in. Not only would you need to have your system tested regularly, which most of our competitors neglect, a burglar would have to attempt a break-and-enter before you’d truly appreciate it’s worth. With video analytics, you will experience its value before your home is broken into. Typically, our mobile Operatives will arrive on-site within a couple of minutes to intimidate the trespasser and deter future attempts.

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