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Oakville Crime Summary 2018

Oakville Crime Summary 2018 500 457 Avante Security Inc.

Oakville Residents
– A Guide to Update Your Current Security

Oakville is a suburban haven, home to many successful professionals and established families. According to MacLean’s Magazine, the average household income is $162, 000 – the 10th highest in Canada and the average home is worth upwards of $1.2 million, the 13th most expensive in Canada. The community overall has the reputation of being safe yet there are many incidences that have occurred in 2018 that give cause for homeowners to be proactive with their safety. The shift of crime in expected neighbourhoods within the Greater Toronto Area have broadened as experienced criminals begin to target more affluent communities. We’ve outlined the crimes that occurred in the last quarter of 2018 to give you a detailed outlook of what has happened to keep you informed and aware.

The map indicates the events reported in Oakville to major media sources. *Click the dots to learn more

Oakville Crime in the Last 3-Months of 2018

The crime statistics shown in the graphs below may be surprising or worrisome for the Oakville community, it’s not our intention to evoke fear, but it’s important for us to provide facts about the areas we service.  We aim to empower Oakville residents with information that will keep their community as safe as possible.  Home crime prevention is attainable and encouraged.

Traditional alarm companies like ADT, Rogers, and AlarmForce (recently acquired by Bell) offer cookie cutter options like standard alarm panels, cameras and installation, but what happens if a trespasser steps onto your property or forces entry into your home?  Do you have a plan of action for the unthinkable?  What happens when you call your alarm company?  Other alarm companies go through a long series of protocols before dispatching an Operative to your home – this could take up to an hour or more depending on the situation.  There is a large gap in the market for a sense of urgency, ensuring homeowners safety and peace of mind.  Avante Security is different, we offer best-in-class services to support the technology that’s installed in your home.

The numbers below represent the crimes that were reported to the Halton Regional Police Service. Occurrence address data is presented in 100 blocks, with the nearest 100 number cited. The information below is based on calls-for-service and was sourced from the Halton Regional Police Service Crime Map.

Crimes in Oakville

There was a total of 577 crimes that occurred in Oakville between 7AM and 7PM. Only 294 crimes were reported between 7PM and 7AM. These numbers indicate that most reported incidents took place while residents were away from their homes or during their commutes to and from work.

Between 7AM - 7PM: 41
Other times: 22

Categories of Crime

Often times, the criminal incidents that occur in Oakville are not considered newsworthy to National Media stations, but they are important to note as a local resident. The number of reported thefts and break-ins verses the number of life-threatening crimes shows that Oakville crime is focused more on monetary gain and not acts of terror.

Assault: 84
Theft: 327
Break & Enter: 106
Robbery: 9
Property Crime: 61

Avante Security Oakville Offers:

1. Dedicated Patrols of your property

2. Rapid Alarm Response within 6 minutes or less on average

3. Intelligent Perimeter Protection with Video Analytics

You don’t need to replace your current system to achieve peace of mind. We offer additional services to the hardware you already own. We dispatch an Operative to every alarm, no matter what, and arrive in an average of 6 minutes or less on average.

Get in touch with us about our Home Security Services in Oakville: [email protected], 905-901-5515, or learn more at

Executive Security Services

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We cannot eliminate risk, but we can surround it

Since Avante Security has been the trusted security provider for prominent neighbourhoods like the Bridal Path, Forest Hill and Rosedale in Toronto, we’ve expanded our services to other areas that have seen a rise on crime. It is our mission to reduce crime within Oakville’s most prestigious community; postal code area L6J. Protect your home and family – why wait for when it’s too late? We encourage residents in this area to take advantage of our expertise and talk to one of our specialist for a free in-home consultation.

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