New Year, Safer Neighbourhoods

New Year, Safer Neighbourhoods

New Year, Safer Neighbourhoods 1400 933 Avante Security Inc.

New Year, Safer Neighbourhoods

As we start the new year with fresh intentions, new goals and optimism, it’s important to prioritize your resolutions or “to-do list” with what matters most to your livelihood. Generally, Security does not make anyone’s list of New Year’s Resolutions alongside the typical ones like striving for a healthier lifestyle or more success, but perhaps it should as it could have a direct correlation with your other resolutions. When setting goals for yourself, focus on the outcome before determining what the tools are resources are required to get there—the same goes for security. Aim to have peace of mind; have one less (major) thing to worry about by consulting a security professional to take care of your home, property and assets so you can focus on your other, more personal goals.

Every year, our New Year’s resolutions remains the same—to make our neighbourhoods safer, to make our clients feel more secure, and to keep spreading safety awareness. As a leading security company, Avante has an unspoken expectation that each year will be busier than the last. Our one-of-a-kind rapid alarm response service continues to protect homes across Toronto and the GTA and the steady growth of our operations shows that our services are in high demand.

The reality is, the more homes that we service, the more cars that we’ll have on the roads, the more eyes we’ll have watching out for suspicious activity and the safer our communities will be.

How can we make our New Year’s resolution a reality? Encourage other residents in Toronto to join us as we continue to relentlessly provide peace of mind. By the simple act of referring a friend, family member or neighbour to Avante, you play your part in making your street, neighbourhood, and city safer. With a guaranteed alarm response time of 6 minutes or less on average, we are deterring burglars every single day.

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When it comes to safety, you can never be too proactive.  Having a home alarm system that’s monitored by a reputable security company is practical but it’s important to select the right one based on your specific needs. By offering the best in technology and human services because an alarm signal means nothing without having a live person to initiate a resolution.

This year, we will also release a range of new technologies and services to better serve residents in our communities. We are proud to be known for challenging security norms and providing true service excellence that is unmatched in the industry. Be the first to know about our newest innovations and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.

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