Executive Security Services

Executive Security Services

Executive Security Services 1000 602 Avante Security Inc.

Beyond Traditional Security

Executive Clients of Avante get the royal treatment when it comes to Home Security. Avante Security has a variety of premium bespoke services, meticulous operations, diligent staff and specialized expertise delivered with a personal touch. Thousands of Torontonians have identified Avante as a leading security provider for over 20 years, and their security company of choice.

Avante is most known for transforming the traditional home security model with its modern, high-end services that extend far beyond conventional offerings. With the mandate to ‘relentlessly secure peace of mind’ and to protect what matters, Avante Security is committed to ensure the safety of each client’s property, home and family. By using a combination of advanced technology and detailed human services, comparable to the experience one would get from any premium luxury brand, Avante provides a true security solution.

Avante Security guard working in Avante Security Control Centre

Avante’s Executive services are not for the masses—these tailored services are coveted by many but exclusive to only affluent and high-profile homeowners that live within a pre-determined zone. By defining the executive zones, clients can depend on Avante for the fastest mobile response times in Canada; 6 minutes or less on average. There is a promise of belonging to an exclusive community; and once within, there is a sense of inclusion with a long-term and intimate bond. Highly qualified Executive Security Operatives (“ESOs”) take the time to understand the unique lifestyle and security needs of each individual client. After all, they are the ones conducting the daily patrols of your home, personally driving you to your meetings, and taking care of your home while you are away — this is the true peace of mind that comes with being an Executive Client of Avante.

Avante Security lapel pin

Avante’s ESO’s exude flawless professionalism; dressed in tailored black suits and ties, with an identifiable lapel pin that showcases the XX symbol. For Avante clients, quality also means dependability. Clients trust our Mobile Operatives to be dependable; they’re just one-call-away to tend to any sort of special request, concern, or emergency. We hold ourselves to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

“In the high-end home alarm world, Avante Security is king. Drive down any of the city’s best streets—Dunvegan, Old Forest Hill, Post, Cluny—and the Avante logo is as prevalent as Range Rovers. The signs do more than ward off would-be thieves: for homeowners, they’re a status symbol.” – Toronto Life

Avante Security operative

What can you expect once you become an Executive Client?

Upon subscribing to our Executive Services, each client is welcomed with a personalized on-boarding experience. One of many dedicated Security Experts or Operatives will personally hand deliver a welcome package; this includes the proprietary ‘Black Box’, with a warm in-person introduction and a run-through of all the details your customized solution. Enclosed in the welcome package, is the Avante ‘Black Card’ made of steel etched with private contact information for the 24-hr security concierge.

Executive Services Include:

1. 6 Minute Rapid Alarm Response
2. Daily Safety Patrols
3. Vacation Watch
4. Luxury Secure Transport
5. Dedicated Monitoring Station & 24-hr Security Concierge
6. “Security Alert” Email Notifications

We understand that each homeowner is unique, so we consider all potential threats of our client’s homes based on their lifestyles. Many of our clients are high-profile business leaders, socialites and celebrities that spend little time at home, while some of our clients are up and coming entrepreneurs or retired individuals that rarely leave their property. Regardless of our client’s public stature, we do everything possible to portray their homes as being occupied and guarded at all times. Why would you consider a security system that provides the bare minimum protection when you can have a comprehensive solution that actually works? Our team has a thorough process where they assess your home and property from top to bottom to make tailored recommendations. Avante Security’s business was built on the underlying goal of maintaining community safety one home at a time.

What our Clients Have to Say

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