Dedicated Street Response

Avante, your trusted security partner, brings you Dedicated Street Response – a revolutionary service designed to respond to calls within a minute, ensuring unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Swift Emergency Assistance

Avante’s Dedicated Street Response vehicle is strategically positioned to reach your location within a minute of receiving an alarm or emergency call, as we treat every alarm as a threat to respond, reduce and engage with attempted and in process burglaries and intrusions. Our highly trained Avante operatives, who have first aid and CPR training, ensure a swift and expert response. Additionally, our response vehicles are equipped with comprehensive first aid kits enhancing our commitment to your safety and well-being.

Community Support Fleet

Amplifying our commitment to your safety, Avante deploys a fleet of community vehicles, reinforcing the Dedicated Street Response for a rapid and coordinated approach to any situation.

Cutting-edge Security

Avante employs proprietary technology to detect trespassers on a client’s property, offering an added layer of security. Our advanced systems are designed to trigger instant alerts for immediate intervention.

How it works

  • Achieving within 1 min response is facilitated by incorporating any system equipped with a Smartboxx and subscription to our Rapid Response Service are prerequisites
  • For optimal results, alarm signals must be directed straight to our Avante response vehicle
  • Smartboxx signals are transmitted directed to both the Avante response vehicle and the Avante Control Centre
  • Subscription plan involves a limited number of homes sharing the same designated Avante response vehicle within the area
  • The response territory is defined by a specific number of residences within a designated area
  • Cost structure is determined based on the number of homes subscribing
  • The more clients in close proximity, will lower the cost of each client

Setting a New Standard in Security

Avante’s Dedicated Street Response service sets a new standard for security responsiveness and innovation. Trust Avante to deliver unmatched protection, ensuring your peace of mind.

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