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Cottage Opening Season is Here

Weekly Cottage Checks & Full-Service Property Management

Cottage Opening Season is Here

Cottage Opening Season is Here 1200 799 Avante Security Inc.

Spring is finally here and we’ve already experienced a fast thaw as we leave cold temperatures behind. Whether you’ve spent some weekends up at your cottage over the winter or you are looking forward to opening it for the first time since last Summer, there are a variety of services available to you that ensure a smooth and stress-free cottage kick-off experience.

During these uncertain times, you may have decided to take an early retreat at your cottage as an escape from the city and all its chaos, or you may be planning to postpone your cottage opening until there is a more normalized state in our communities. No matter the case, we are here for you. As an essential business, we continue to operate with the addition of safety measures advised by the government, and we are ready to accommodate you with our services to alleviate any unneeded stress.

Before we dive into what you can look forward to this Spring & Summer, we wanted to share what we have been up to this past winter.

1. Snowmobiles

Snowmobiles have been added to our fleet, allowing us to respond to alarms faster and even tend to cottages on the islands via the frozen lake, when possible.

2. Local Office Enhancements

Our local office has grown and has been elevated to accommodate the growing number of clients and their needs. We are located right in the heart of Port Carling. Come check us out!

3. Expanded Partnerships

We’ve increased our rolodex of local partners (Plumbers, Contractors, Landscapers and other Professional Trades) to ensure our property management services remain reliable and effective.

With all the enhancements we’ve made over the winter, we’re ready to take on next season’s tasks: opening cottages, conducting security system health checks, luxury secure transports and more!

Spring Cottage Services

1. Cottage Opening Services

Let our team of experts prep your cottage ahead of your arrival.

  • Pull the de-icer out of the water
  • Conduct full cottage inspections with a complete report for plumbing, damages, propane levels, water and more
  • Any other special requests

2. Alarm and Security Systems Health Check-Ins

Before your cottage becomes a revolving door as you host family and friends, let us make sure your alarm systems and cameras are fully functioning and no damage has incurred over the winter months.

  • Clean & inspect Surveillance Camera lenses
  • Check all signals and battery life

3. Extended Cottage Checks Year Round

What was once a seasonal service is now offered year-round.

  • Weekly security and property management checks
  • Interior and exterior patrol
  • Ensure alarms and critical systems are healthy and armed

4. Luxury Secure Transports

Our fleet of unmarked, black, luxury vehicles and SUV’s are ready for bookings!

  • Schedule a transport in as little as 4-hours in advance and have the peace of mind that our driver will transport you from the city to your cottage, transport you from the Muskoka airport to your cottage or anywhere within cottage country.

The Muskoka region has always been a desirable summer hotspot but as the Canadian dollar suffers due to the spread of COVID-19, it’s very important for us to do our best in preserving its beauty to maintain the community. We want Muskoka to continually thrive and be known as a luxurious destination. As the locals within the community rely on tourists and cottage owners in the summer, we want to emphasize the need to support other local businesses just like our own. Your cottage is a valuable safe haven, an escape from a hectic city life and a great escape for friends and family —especially to recharge after a quarantine. Get in touch with our local experts or schedule a visit with us at our Port Carling office space for a free consultation.

We are here

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Interested in our Weekly Cottage Checks?

Interested in our Weekly Cottage Checks?

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