It’s Time to Consider Cottage Closing Services

It’s Time to Consider Cottage Closing Services

It’s Time to Consider Cottage Closing Services 1800 1350 Avante Security Inc.

Winter is just around the corner and we’re already experiencing cold temperatures with morning frost. Parts of Northern Ontario have even experienced snow. Whether you’ve spent the majority of the summer up at your cottage, you’ve left it empty, or you’ve let your friends and family retreat there in your place, it’s wise to have someone examine the premise for safety and security. A well-maintained property that is upkept year-round is less likely to experience unwanted trauma.

Don’t forget, we’ve enhanced our Muskoka services and team to serve you better:

  • Added snowmobiles to our fleet, allowing us to respond to alarms faster and even tending to cottages on the islands via the frozen lake.
  • Our local office has been prepped to accommodate the growing number of clients and demands.
  • Increased partnerships with local vendors to ensure our property management services are reliable and effective.

Winter Cottage Services + Weekly Cottage Checks

With drastic seasonal changes, especially in northern Ontario, we’re mentally prepared to complete some minor repairs as we tackle the anticipated spring cleaning. What if your property endured more damage than usual; would you know what to do or who to call in the case of a natural disaster? As a home and property owner, it’s important to plan ahead and avoid scenarios that would result in filing an insurance claim. Many home and cottage owners neglect their properties and are lucky enough to have avoided any major damage but it’s vital to check your landscape and structure for signs of wear that can be mended before the issue causes greater destruction. Whether you experience property loss by cause of theft or physical damage due to harsh weather, we have a solution to protect you and your family from future incidents.

  • Boat storage
  • Full cottage inspection and reporting for plumbing, damages, propane levels, water and more.
  • HVAC monitoring
  • Shovel walkways
  • Generator exercise
  • Dock de-icing
  • Fuel delivery
  • Emergency storm checks

Alarm and Security Systems Health Check-Ins

  • Camera lenses cleaned
  • Ensure that all wiring is intact

Luxury Secure Transports

Our fleet of black luxury unmarked vehicles and SUV’s are ready for bookings! Book in as little as 4-hours in advance and have the peace of mind having your own personal driver.

  • From the city to your cottage
  • From the Muskoka airport to your cottage
  • Anywhere within cottage country

Our approach to security is custom-fit and comprehensive based on each client’s lifestyle and needs. We believe that property management, security systems and licensed security professionals are the key to safety and peace of mind.

You may ask yourself, why would I need security at my cottage in Muskoka?

To give you a better understanding of how we add value to your cottage, we’ve outlined a few different scenarios based on our existing client needs. Which scenario best fits the lifestyle of you and your family’s?

A cottage house in the forest.

The Sporadic Cottager

If you can count the amount of times you’ve personally visited your cottage in the last year on one hand, you could consider yourself a sporadic cottager. It’s just another property on your list of assets that you hope to keep within your family, or you actively rent out. These are the cottages that require the most comprehensive security solutions.

Recommended Solutions:

  • A complete security system with an alarm, surveillance cameras and glass break detectors.
  • Have an alarm response plan. There is nothing more inconvenient than receiving an alarm at your cottage and having to drive up there to find out what it was.
  • Subscribe to our Key-holder Service in case of emergencies.
  • Sign-up for our Weekly Cottage checks in the winter or year-round to ensure the property is well-maintained.
  • Gain Mobile app control so you can see your cameras and control your thermostat from the city.
A cottage house in the forest.

The Seasonal Cottager

Many families shut down their cottage for the winter, and only use it as a vacation home during the warmer months to leisure by the lake.

Recommended Solutions:

  • Cottage Closing and opening: we will shut down your cottage for the winter and re-open it in the spring. Our expert team is flexible for any specific requests on top of the standard services.
  • Luxury Secure transports to get your family to and from the cottage and take you wherever you need to go within cottage country.
  • Weekly Cottage checks in the winter or year-round to ensure the property is well-maintained. Did you know this is a requirement mandated by your insurance provider?
A cottage house beside a lake. 

The Year-Round Cottager

If you and your family are accustomed to Canadian Winters and enjoy participating in activities that require cold weather conditions, you may spend just as much time at the cottage in the winter just as often as the summer.

If this sounds like you and your family, you may not want us to check-in on your cottage regularly, especially if you’re there but you may want us to physically respond to your cottage alarm in the event of a trigger or you may want us to randomly patrol your property in your absence. We will tailor a service-plan to your specifications on a monthly basis. Need us to deliver propane every other month? No problem— just let us know.

Recommended Solutions:

  • Have an alarm response plan in case there is any concern or alarm triggered.
  • Get a security system evaluation.
  • Gain Remote app access to your security system.

We understand that everyone’s lives have been impacted by the pandemic, but we must relay the importance of maintaining your property and staying vigilant. It is best to be prepared for situations that cannot be controlled. The majority of floods and fires and break-ins can be prevented, so it is up to us to work together in making cottage country a safer place.

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