Spring Tips for Peace of Mind 1800 1177 Avante Security Inc.

Spring Tips for Peace of Mind

Spring is finally here and after a long winter, your home could use some maintenance. When you take care of your home, you’re kept aware of the safety deficiencies that arise with destructive weather conditions.…

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“Crime Tourism, A Growing Problem in Canada” 1500 900 Avante Security Inc.

“Crime Tourism, A Growing Problem in Canada”

This was the headline of the news article posted on Global News: “Crime Tourism, A Growing Problem in Canada“, March 21st 2019. In April last year, 15 Chilean nationals, responsible for more than 400 residential…

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Executive Security Services 1000 602 Avante Security Inc.

Executive Security Services

Beyond Traditional Security Executive Clients of Avante get the royal treatment when it comes to Home Security. Avante Security has a variety of premium bespoke services, meticulous operations, diligent staff and specialized expertise delivered with…

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Rapid Alarm Response
6 Minute Rapid Response – The Fastest Alarm Response Times in Canada 1024 683 Avante Security Inc.

6 Minute Rapid Response – The Fastest Alarm Response Times in Canada

When Avante was first founded in 1996, it was quickly recognized that in order to provide the highest level of protection and service to our clients, we needed to develop a rapid response service to…

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Oakville Crime Summary 2018 500 457 Avante Security Inc.

Oakville Crime Summary 2018

Oakville Residents – A Guide to Update Your Current Security Oakville is a suburban haven, home to many successful professionals and established families. According to MacLean’s Magazine, the average household income is $162, 000 –…

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The Evolution of Peace of Mind 4197 2744 Avante Security Inc.

The Evolution of Peace of Mind

Canadians enjoy the luxury of our manner, and the literal cold comfort of frozen pond postcards and warmed content of lakeside summers. Even our urban centers remain idyllic and idealized, a utopia distanced from contemporary…

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Holiday Safety and Security
‘Tis the Season for Break-Ins 6000 4000 Avante Security Inc.

‘Tis the Season for Break-Ins

While you may be looking forward to the holidays and a relaxing vacation away from home, criminals are looking forward to empty homes in affluent neighbourhoods as opportunities for break-ins. Think of the infamous holiday…

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Series of Crime and Attempted Car Theft 5730 3820 Avante Security Inc.

Series of Crime and Attempted Car Theft

Break and Enters Between December 1st-3rd, we received 3 confirmed break-ins; 2 in North York, and 1 by the South End of Forest Hill. In addition, there were 2 attempted break-ins. This series of events was a rare occurrence,…

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Keyless Car Theft
Your Car, Gone in 60 Seconds 1920 892 Avante Security Inc.

Your Car, Gone in 60 Seconds

Car theft is more than an insurance headache, it prompts a plethora of emotions for homeowners and the community.  Traditionally, thieves would either have to physically break into your vehicle or break into your home…

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