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Avante Black offers an unprecedented level of Executive Client experience by transforming the way risk mitigation and crisis management are handled.

Strategic Synergy: Avante’s Elite Access Control Solutions for Enterprise Security

The company has achieved this by bringing together a group of experts, including veterans from the Elite Israeli Forces, and merging the knowledge of covert operations with tailored security solutions.

Commitment to Excellence

The investigations provided by Avante Black are unparalleled in the industry, ensuring that clients receive the most comprehensive and accurate information available. This level of service extends beyond investigations to provide 24/7 personal security protection, with a physical response team ready to act within minutes should a threat arise.

Providing Secure Safe Houses and Reputation Protection Services

Avante Black also offers safe houses to clients who require additional protection for themselves or their families. The company’s experts monitor reputational damage on social media and work to rectify any issues that arise.

Securing Peace of Mind

Avante Black offers in-depth activist background investigations to uncover any potential threats and ensure that clients are fully aware of any risks. The company is also capable of tracking anonymous emails to their source, providing an added layer of protection against potential threats.

Safeguarding Your Corporate World

Avante Black goes beyond traditional security measures by offering physical infiltration into corporations, as well as ethical hacking of networks to test security. The company also implements campaigns to protect clients and their corporations.

Our Expert Team’s Commitment to Your Safety

Clients can rest assured that they are protected by a team of experts who provide enhanced security and risk mitigation services.

Exclusive Risk Mitigation


Investigations are vital for proactively identifying and mitigating risks and effectively responding to crises to protect an organization’s assets, reputation, and operations.

Safe House

Provide secure locations for clients and their families in times of threat or danger.

Social Monitoring

Involves tracking online activities to identify potential threats and reputation risks.

Email Threats

Email threat analysis focuses on identifying and addressing potential email-based security risks.

Physical Infiltration

Physical infiltration involves gaining access to secure locations for assessment or security testing purposes.

Security Check

Security checks entail assessing and verifying the effectiveness of security measures.

Background Check

Background checks involve investigating individuals or entities to assess potential risks and vulnerabilities.


Campaigns are strategic initiatives aimed at protecting clients and their organizations from various threats and challenges.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) involve detecting and countering electronic eavesdropping and surveillance threats.

Avante Black Solutions from Avante Security

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As experts in providing Integrated Commercial Security Solutions, Avante provides and services Access Control, CCTV, Communications and Video Monitoring to Office, High Rise Residential, Industrial and Institutional clients.

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