Discover the remarkable Argus app, brought to you by Avante Security an unrivalled safety companion designed to offer unmatched protection and a sense of security.

Track and dispatch assistance to you anywhere in the world.

With Argus at your fingertips, you can effortlessly request immediate assistance from Avante Security’s team of skilled professionals whenever you find yourself in an unsettling or perilous situation. Rest easy knowing that help is just a tap away.

One-button contact Avante for non-emergency services and connect to the ACC* without remembering any phone numbers.

Argus goes beyond mere assistance, providing you with an advanced feature that keeps a watchful eye on your location. Enable the comprehensive location monitoring functionality to stay informed about your surroundings and ensure heightened awareness. Whether you’re exploring new places or relaxing in the comfort of your own home, Argus remains steadfastly by your side, offering unparalleled support.


*Avante Crisis Centre

Medical Services Available Globally

Our team has proven experience in delivering medical assistance solutions and healthcare support in diverse environments, ranging from urban agglomerations to complex and remote areas.

Aero-Medical Evacuations

Our services include access to airfields, the deployment of medical staff, equipment, and medicine to remote destinations, and evacuations and repatriations.

Remote Medical Assistance

We provide mobile hospitals and remote trauma services to ensure medical care is accessible in even the most challenging locations.

Embedded Medical Personnel

Our team includes paramedics, critical care nurses, and specialist doctors, ready to offer immediate medical support.

Health and Medical Consulting

We offer corporate health and safety guidance, workforce medical compliance, and pre-travel advisory services to help you navigate health challenges in diverse environments.

Pharmaceutical Compliance Support

We provide medical travel pharmaceutical kits and destination-specific health risk profiles to ensure your team is prepared for any medical situation.

Medical Facilities Vetting

We maintain an internationally vetted hospitals database and offer local medical facility vetting to ensure quality healthcare options wherever you are.

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