8 Safety Tips for Halloween

8 Safety Tips for Halloween

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Halloween is an occasion widely celebrated across the country.  It is the one-day that people of all ages can dress-up in elaborate costumes to parade in public and celebrate with their community.  Most often, Halloween is celebrated with friends and family but the anticipation of coming across strangers as you compare costumes and exchange tricks, or treats is inevitable.  Although Halloween is meant to be fun, there are safety measures that you should consider to keep your home, children and community safe.

1. Keep a mix of interior and exterior lights on. It is important to keep the path to your home well-lit so that you can see who is approaching your home.


2. Whether you are at home or out trick-or-treating, make sure that all doors and windows are secure and locked. If you can enter your home from your Garage, lock the door that leads into your home too.


3. If you got in the spirit and put up Halloween decorations, ensure that they are not obstructing your security cameras.


4. Do not use décor that has sharp edges. If anything can be used to cut or puncture other materials it can potentially be used as a weapon.


5. If you are allowing your children to go trick-or-treating without your supervision, give them a curfew and designate a safe meeting spot if they get lost or separated from their friends or siblings.


6. When opening the door to greet trick-or-treaters, do not let anyone you do not know into your home, and lock your door once they’ve left.


7. Use extra caution with people that are wearing masks, especially if they are adults and are not around any children.


8. Typically, children finish Trick or Treating by 9 p.m. Avoid opening your door past that time, and leave out any extra candy in a bowl outside your door with a small sign that says, “Take One”.

Be aware of your surroundings and the potential risks in your community.  Children’s safety should be top of mind but don’t forget that anything can happen, so it is equally important for you to stay alert.

Here are some more Halloween safety resources for Ontarians:

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